Don’t Be Clueless!

Story by Leslie Huffman.

Cary, NC – The kids are out of school. Now what? Well, you could go to the pool. You could go see a movie. How about bowling? Those are some good ideas.

Do you need a GREAT idea, something different? I can give you a clue on an awesome interactive event you can do with your family or some friends. Getting better.

O.K., I’m going to send you and your team all around town visiting parks, checking out artworks and meeting local business owners. Let’s throw in some local Cary history too. I think I’ll make you really have to look for specific things around town. You could earn points for each item you get correct. That’s different.

I can also give you all some cool t-shirts to wear and provide you with lunch. That’s great!

Let’s make this even better. How about if I give you the opportunity to pick up a few little gifts and coupons while you run around town. I can even throw in a party near the end of the day where you and your team could win all kinds of prizes and give-aways. Really? That’s a fantastic day!!

Wait. I’m not done. Now I want to see if other teams have as many points as you do. We can have you compete for some even bigger prizes. Like what?

I will give the 1st place Adult Team 10 VIP tickets to the Styx Concert and the 1st place Family Team a private party for 20 at Booth Amphiltheatre’s Movies by Moonlight. WOW! When is this and where do I sign-up?

I am so glad you asked. The 2011 Cary Scavenger Hunt will take place July 23rd. You can sign-up right HERE.

Find out some more, like where and when on the Cary Scavenger Hunt page.

Now that you have a clue on what to do this summer, my job is done. Well, not really, ’cause I’ve got to start coming up with some “clues”. See you soon!

2 replies
  1. Samuel Alleetoe
    Samuel Alleetoe says:

    Sadly, not ALL kids are out of school. We still have a few of those ‘pesky’ year-round schedule monstrosities in Cary / Apex.

  2. Lindsey
    Lindsey says:

    You Rock! This should be a Fun-tastic day!
    Don’t forget- everyone gets a sneak peek inside the new Cary Arts Center before its Grand Opening!

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