Cary Church Sends Poly Water Tanks to Uganda

Cary, NC – The Children’s Liturgy Group at St. Michael’s Church in Cary (services are held at Green Hope High School) are raising money once again for water harvesting equipment in Mityana, Uganda.

Involving Cary Children

The children of the parish learned about water harvesting and the problems getting water in that part of the world.

A model of the water harvesting process – roofs of buildings collect precious water into storage tanks – was constructed by volunteer Dan Fuccella. Children were able to experience what children in Africa must do by trying to lift a water-filled “jerry can”.  It is the job of the children in this country to fetch the water.

n December, an initial $3000 donation was sent to Uganda from St. Michael’s through Share the Blessings – a Cary-based non-profit organization working to educate people to the needs of the less fortunate in other parts of the world by providing educational support and clean water.

Water In Uganda

This donation benefited the community of St. Matia Mulumbia Roman Catholic Church in Mityana, Uganda. This community is a typical African rural area where there is no piped water or electricity.  Due to the lack of a constant supply of clean and safe water, they harvest and collect water from the roofs of the buildings for storage and future use.  A 10,000 litre plastic, poly fibre tank was purchased and the underground 20,000 litre storage tank which was built in 1974 was repaired with these funds.  This water is used for everything, drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning…sustaining life.

Boiling the drinking water is the only affordable sanitation. When the water tanks run dry,  they must use jerry cans and pots to get water from a borehole about half a mile away.


St. Michael’s Children’s Liturgy again will be sponsoring a fundraiser for water harvesting equipment for St. Matia Mulumba parish on June 12th & 19th, 2011. Their goal is to raise another $3000 to purchase additional poly fibre tanks to ensure water security for the people of Uganda in the dry season.

If you are interested in providing monetary support or more information please contact Judy Adkins at or Ed Collopy at