Scavenger Hunt: Come Drive Away with Me

Story by Leslie Huffman. Photo by Sam Huffman

Cary, NC – Sexy, Italian, fun and chic. No silly, I’m talking about the car!

This cute little thing can be yours for the day. Again, I am talking about the car, the Fiat 500.

The Cary Scavenger Hunt has the opportunity to let 4 of our lucky teams drive all around town hunting for clues in a brand new Fiat 500! Leave your old car in the parking lot for the day and cruise in style in this fuel efficient, delightful, little car.

Hendrick Fiat in the Cary AutoMall is letting our teams have the chance to test drive one of these hot little cars for the whole day. Now that’s cool!

Greg Eaton, Studio Director at Hendrick Fiat tells us, “The 500C has proved to be very popular because it’s the only 4-seater convertible you can get for under $20k, gets up to 38 miles per gallon and comes with dozens of different colors and options”.

How Can My Team Drive One?

We have 4 cars, so we need 4 Scavenger Hunt Teams. How can your team drive away with one? Easy.

Sign-up your team HERE by July 14. We’ll randomly pick four from all of the teams signed-up by July 14.

We will announce our winners of the Fiat Test Drive For a Day on the CaryCitizen Facebook Page and in a future story.

To be eligible, the Team’s designated driver must have a full driver’s license, and car insurance with proof of collision protection.

Early Sign-Up Gets the Ride!

For more information about the 2nd Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt, check out our information page. Find out more about all our other awesome prizes and generous sponsors.

Get in the Hunt!