Food: Cupcake Bar (Buy a Round)

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photos from Above, Grasshopper cupcakes.

Cary, NC – Mojito flavored cupcakes? Only from the Cupcake Bar in Cary.

A Tale of Two Sisters

Sisters Katie Braam and Anna Branly didn’t start out as bakers. But they both had a passion for cupcakes and creativity.

Pretty soon, they had a recipe list for cupcakes inspired by classic cocktails – Mojito, Grasshopper, Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Not too long after, they were renting commercial kitchen space and delivering boxes of their unique desserts for parties and corporate events.

23 Flavors and More

Cupcake Bar divides their wares into three categories: House cupcakes, With a Twist and Top Shelf.

House cupcakes offer mix-and-match flavors like Mocha cake with Mint frosting. With a Twist is a House cupcake with a filling.

Top Shelf cupcakes are the beverage-inspired creations. In addition to the cocktail flavors, there’s Mocha Latte, Pink Lemonade and Chai Tea cupcakes.

Prices range from $24-30 per dozen.

They also make custom cupcakes and mini-cupcakes.

How to Get

Order online and the Cupcake Bar delivers to you.

You can also try the cupcakes at Coffee & Crepes in Cary and Tin Roof Teas in Cameron Village.

BTW, today’s featured flavor is Peach Bellini –

Peach Bellini

Fresh peach cupcake with Prosecco wine buttercream, topped with a peach wine drizzle.