2011 Cary Elections: Candidate List



Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Friday was the filing deadline for candidates in upcoming Wake County elections. Here’s the final slate so CaryCitizen readers can start gathering information leading up to the vote on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

2011 Cary Elections Candidate List

Candidates are listed in the order they filed for each race. Cary elections are deemed non-partisan, so no party affiliation is given. Incumbents are listed in brackets.

Cary Mayor

  • Michelle Muir
  • Harold Weinbrecht (incumbent)

Cary Town Council At-Large

District B

District D

Board of Education District 8

For more information about Wake County Elections, visit Wakegov.com/elections. And don’t forget to visit our 2011 Cary Votes page on Facebook.

5 replies
  1. joe
    joe says:

    Enough with the builder and realtor planted candidates. For years the citizens picked up the tab for infrastructure so a few could get rich off tax dollars. We do not need to return to those horrible days. Taxes should go to the common good, not line the pockets of realtors and developers.

  2. Tracy A
    Tracy A says:

    I agree with Joe C — people should remember that his policital ethics leave something to be desired!

  3. Joe C
    Joe C says:

    Amazing that Don Hyatt is running for Town Council, even after he got caught red-handed in a scam to mislead Cary voters in the last election. Does this guy have no self-respect, or no respect for the voters of this town?

  4. Kelly C
    Kelly C says:

    I am thankful that Don Frantz is running for re-election. If ever there was a person who gets what is important in Cary it is Don Frantz!

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