Money Magazine: Morrisville Tops in Affordability

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Morrisville, NC – Our neighbors in Morrisville broke into the national news this week (in a good way) – they made Money’s Top 25 Where’s It’s Affordable to Live list.


Money’s affordability list is a subset of their larger Top 100 Places to Live.

Affordability in the Money survey is largely driven by two factors: average home price and median income.

According to Money, the average price of a home in Morrisville is $214,500 while median family income is $133,343.

Morrisville ranked #7 nationally in the Money survey.

Other Factors in Morrisville’s Favor

Money also noted Morrisville’s proximity to high paying jobs in the region as well as its diverse population.

Rest of the Best

The Affordability list focuses on small towns. Here’s the Top Ten:

  1. Hunters Creek, FL
  2. Lake Jackson, TX
  3. Wesley Chapel, FL
  4. Johnston, IA
  5. Papillion, NE
  6. Crete, IL
  7. Morrisville, NC
  8. Cedar Rapids, IA
  9. Franklin, IN
  10. Deer Park, TX

In North Carolina, Statesville was the only other town featured in the Top 25.

The Morrisville We Know

It’s great to hear a prestigious national magazine singing the praises of Morrisville. But the editors of Money just discovered something we’ve known all along: Morrisville is a great place to live.

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