Go Local: Scout & Molly’s Open in StoneCreek

Story and pictures by Lindsey Chester. Above, Abby Roberts, owner of the new Scout & Molly boutique in Cary’s Stone Creek Village.

Cary, NC- Cary just upped the fashion factor with Scout & Molly’s now open in Stone Creek Village.

The Stone Creek shopping center in Cary is the fourth location for the locally owned chain.  Scout & Molly’s is a women’s clothing boutique with an eclectic mix of upscale fashion.

I asked store owner Abby Roberts why she picked Cary and she replied that circumstances  just fell into place when she met franchise owner Lisa Kornstein Disbrow. Abby had just packed off her youngest child to kindergarden and was looking for a new project. She was debating opening a store and had begun doing her research when she met Lisa. Lisa had always wanted a Cary location. The Stone Creek Center’s location and surrounding demographics were a perfect fit.

Who’s the Customer?

Abby says she had one idea when she opened the store, but everyday the customer is evolving. A high school student can find a top just as easily as a soccer mom who needs something for a party, or a business woman who needs a jacket.

Premium denim is a best seller

Best Selling Items

Scout & Molly’s is known for their premium designer denim and the Cary store is no different. Jeans that retail around $160 are displayed in a unique way on an antique church pew right down the center of the store. A range of styles and washes is available to fit every body.

Accessories have also been extremely popular and Abby has three local jewelry lines that are arranged artfully on tables in a range of price points. She noted that these lines can do custom orders.

Dresses and dressy tops for a night out  have also been popular. Now that cool weather is on the horizon, some jackets are beginning to sell. A faux leather bomber (fooled me) at about $100 is almost sold out. Military styling also continues this fall and she had a couple jackets near the register with antique buttons calling my name.

One of the many colorful racks at Scout & Molly's

The store is arranged by color with areas of navy, purples, yellow/oranges, black and neutrals gathered together. She buys limited quantities of each style, so a customer won’t run into someone else wearing the same thing on a night out. Most of her lines are exclusive to the store in this area.

Key Brands

In Denim she buys Hudson, Joe’s and AG, and other lines include: Joy Joy, Suzanne Monaco, Alison Ann, Trixie, Michael Kors and French Connection.

Franchise a Big Help

Abby noted that her partnership with franchise owner Lisa is a key to how she was able to open the store and learn the business at the same time. Lisa’s extensive knowledge about brands, margins, and budgeting have been key to this location’s initial success. Each of the four stores buys independently which results in some differences in the merchandise mix.

They all have the pear green and bright color scheme but only Abby’s Cary location has an enormous peacock mural painted on the wall.

Mural painted by local artist Jennifer Wood

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