Extreme Makeover, Cary-Style

Cary, NC- When Heather Foust and Shanna Middleton (who own Cary-based Designed To Sold) heard about a special family whose home needed some TLC, they knew they could make a difference. What started as redesigning one room quickly turned into Extreme Makeover Cary-style.

Two Parents Legally Blind

Heather & Shanna learned about a family in Raleigh with some very special needs. Bridget Caulder, who recently joined the firm, told Shanna about this family, who also attend her church. Both parents are legally blind, yet work full-time jobs.  The couple has two children: a teen son and a teen daughter who has Down Syndrome.  The family’s home had sustained some damage during the recent tornadoes in Raleigh. The church saw more was needed than just tornado repair. They asked for help giving the boy a nice room to call his own.

The project started simply enough but when the team made a home visit they realized that more was needed than one simple bedroom makeover- they decided to take on the entire home.

The Project

The project consists of a major home makeover.  Their small home is not conducive to the special needs of the parents or their daughter.  The home sustained some damage from the tornado in April, but mostly the home is in need of normal upkeep and repair.  While both of the parents work, making ends meet is difficult and working on the home themselves is a challenge.  In the re-design, sustainable features that the family can easily maintain will be a key element. Low maintenance and handicap accessibility will be what the Designed To Sold  Team will work to create.

Ambitious Deadline

The team has given themselves an ambitious deadline to have everything changed out and finished during the course of a weekend (November 11-13, 2011). And the kicker is: the family believe that only the boy’s bedroom is being made-over. The rest is a surprise!

Project Goals

    • The outside of the house will receive a fresh coat of paint and a newly landscaped yard.
    • The house will receive all new flooring.
    • The bathroom and the kitchen will receive a complete makeover (including new cabinets and appliances).
    • All walls will be repaired and repainted.
    • All rooms will be furnished and decorated
    • The exterior of the house will be painted
    • The yard will receive a makeover with new furnishings and plantings

The firm is hoping to have many of these items donated and is prepared to give tax deductible receipts for all donations and sponsorships.

How You Can Help

If you or a business you know can donate, please look at the lists below for needed items. Direct donations are also welcome and contact info is listed below.

Items For the Home

        • New Appliances
        • New Flooring
        • New Fixtures
        • New Cabinets
        • New Paint & Supplies
        • New Furniture and accessories
        • New Landscaping elements
        • Food for our volunteers
        • Weekend hotel stay for the family

Skilled Labor Needed:

        • Flooring installation
        • Cabinet installation
        • Plumber
        • Electrician
        • Carpenter

Contact Information

If you would like to find out more information about this ambitious project, or would like to donate or lend a helping hand, contact heather or Shanna.
Heather Foust, or call 919-673-3363  Shanna Middleton or call 919-827-7054

CaryCitizen plans to follow the progress of this project. Stay Tuned….

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    Don Hyatt says:

    Please bump this article a few times, especially in the couple of weeks right before the big weekend and I’m sure Heather & Shanna will get plenty of help for this very worthwhile cause.

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