CNN/Money: Morrisville’s Muddy Dog Coffee a Winner

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photos courtesy of Muddy Dog. 

Morrisville, NC – Thanks to longtime reader Jackie Holcombe for pointing out that Muddy Dog Coffee in Morrisville was just named one of the top 17 small roasters in the U.S by CNN/Money.

Muddy Dog

Muddy Dog is part of a new movement in coffee – microroasting. That means small batches (27 pounds or less) for quick, local consumption.

Microroasting fits in with the buy-local movement. The emphasis is on freshness and supporting growth of the local economy.

Right now, four companies dominate the U.S. coffee market. But micro-roasters like Muddy Dog are adding 1-3% more to the U.S. total roasting capacity every year.

From Seattle to Morrisville, NC, small roasters are raising a real challenge to the established order in the coffee business.

Raise a Cup

Muddy Dog sells wholesale and retail from their website. The CNN/Money story is bound to be good for business.

So raise a cup of the exquisite bean to Muddy Dog, a small business that’s brewing up big things right here in our neighborhood.

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  1. danielle hatfield
    danielle hatfield says:

    Fell in love with their coffee thanks to a friend of my husband. If you have the time to stop in for a visit – DO! I learned more about coffee in one afternoon that I had my whole life!

  2. Michelle Muir
    Michelle Muir says:

    Congratulations to Jim and Debbie on their success!! Great coffee, great people, an innovative roaster they built, and excellent fair trade practices. Muddy Dog is one of the jewels of our area.

  3. JEY
    JEY says:

    Muddy Dog is also available by the cup at the Western Wake Farmer’s Market, Saturday mornings in Carpenter Village. Another great reason to shop there!

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