Northwoods Builds a Playground


Photo by Bonnie Reed.

Cary, NC – Last weekend, teachers, students and the community came together to build a new playground  for Northwoods Elementary and to heal a festering wound.

Burned to the Ground

Kelly Cain, a Northwoods PTA Board member, wrote to CaryCitizen with the following story:

Late in the 2010/2011 school year, our big playground set was vandalized. Some kids came in and burned it to the ground.

With the help of the PTA, specifically Sandra Libero our President-At-Large, our Principal, Dr. Kerry Chisnall and Wake County, we were able to secure a new playground. Volunteer parents helped to build this new playground for our kids.

This is a huge school community effort and since this playground is also used by the surrounding community to the school, it’s a great addition to them as well.

Our kids at Northwoods are so excited for this to finally be rebuilt.


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