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Cary, NC – For a long time, we’ve wanted to have a few pages on CaryCitizen to collect all the information on a few particular subjects. Our first was the Cary Non-Profits page. Now, we’ve added two more Community Pages.

Community Pages

The Non-Profits Page has now been joined by the Downtown Dining Page and the Cary Parks Page. You will find them all under the Community Pages tab on the CaryCitizen website.

The Downtown Dining Page lists all the restaurants in downtown Cary and is sponsored by the Heart of Cary Association and the Town of Cary.

Many people don’t know that within a few blocks of the corner of Chatham and Academy, there’s a whole world of international food – Czech, Chinese, Italian and Turkish to name just four places. We’ve included a handy map for your convenience.

The Cary Parks Page is a special Google Map we created that shows every Cary Park.

Finally, a note about the Non-Profits Page. We launched the page on September 12 with 39 non-profits. Thanks to our readers, we’ve now grown that list to 49 service non-profits in Cary.

And if you like CaryCitizen Pages, check out the Calendar, our first effort at aggregating all kinds of community information. It is by far the most complete calendar about Cary on the web with over 100 events every week.

More Pages to Come

In the future, we’ll continue to launch Pages that address community needs. Under consideration: a Real Estate Page and an Autos Page.

What would you like to see? Feel free to drop me a note.

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  1. Brent
    Brent says:

    I commend CaryCitizen for these community pages. I have an observation about the current non-profits page, which states:

    “You won’t find lobbying groups here or political action committees”

    Actually, you will. The link provided to the Cary PBA, which has one arm that is a PAC, contains some (now obsolete) lobbying/PAC content.

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