Cary Flickr Group: Autumn Slideshow

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Brooke Meyer.

Cary, NC – Crowdsourcing is a popular tool in the new journalism newsroom. Four years ago, I started the Cary NC Group on Flickr and it has proven a rich trove of images about the town.

Cary NC Flickr Group

Flickr is a little like Facebook, but just for photographers and images.

Since starting the group in July of 2007, it has grown to 171 members and more than 1,400 photos about our town.

What’s interesting is the wide range of interests and perspective. I always hoped the group would become a kind of artistic record of the town. I think that is proving to be true.

The 2011 Cary Flickr Group Autumn Slideshow

We regularly show the latest pictures from the Cary Flickr Group in a box on the right column sidebar of the CaryCitizen website.

During the last few weeks, I’ve been fascinated by the new images that keep cropping up. So, here’s a slideshow from the group pool depicting the unfolding of autumn in Cary. Pictures start with the most recent and go back in time.

If you can’t see the embedded slideshow, go to Cary Flickr Group.

Thanks to all the talented photographers in and around Cary who have contributed to this wonderful resource.

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    • Lindsey Chester
      Lindsey Chester says:

      Those folks need to get on the Cary Flikr group!! Its free to join and post. If you know some shutterbugs in that area, let them know about the group and their photos will receive a very wide audience

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