Real-Life Guitar Heroes

Cary, NC –  Some time ago, we ran a story about a local band called Mind the Gap. The name of the band is derived from a British saying used as a public announcement when people are stepping from a train or subway.  It is a warning to watch your step. MTG considers “the gap” a metaphor for life. They play solely for charity.

Band member Jerry Cuomo told me, “we are all different in unique and special ways.  These ‘gaps’ between us should be respected and celebrated.  The gaps are what make us interesting as individuals, hence we should pay attention or ‘mind the gap.’  Further, some gaps simply cannot be ignored.  Folks are in need in this world and MTG is proud that we can contribute to these wonderful causes.”

Rockin’ for Tots

Today, Mind the Gap continues to rock on. If you are around Thanksgiving weekend, MTG is continuing their 2011 fund drive playing at the Southland Ballroom in downtown Raleigh for  “Toys for Tots”.   The event is on Saturday, November 26th and doors open at 8 pm. Bring a (new) toy and get in free!

MTG will be joined by Laughing Through Your Fingers for a double-dose of rock and roll music. Both bands are often seen in Cary.

Mind the Gap, the US Marine Corps and Laughing Through Your Fingers are encouraging the community to come out and fill the ballroom with toys, while the room is filled with music.

MTG 2011

In 2011, they helped raise over $125,000 for causes like “Stop Hunger Now”, “Mariposa School for Autism”, “World Wildlife Fund”, and the “Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center”.

Jerry Cuomo, bass player and IBM Vice President says “2011 has been a record year of giving and rocking.   There is little sign of recession in the Triangle when it comes to music and charity.”

The band  members of MTG include Stan Cox on guitar, Jerry Cuomo on bass, Marc Haberkorn on vocals, Barry Mosakowski on drums, Adolfo Rodriguez on harmonica, rhythm guitar and Latin percussion.

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