Decorating Tips For The Holiday Season

Story by Vivien Koronet of Vivien Koronet Interior Design. Photo by Rachel Andrew.

Cary, NC – So it’s time to decorate for the holidays again, and the challenge is on. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, and or Kwanzaa, everyone wants their home to take on that magical holiday feel. An excellent way to begin the decorating process is to assess the existing color scheme in your home.

Work With Your Color Palette

Do you have a neutral scheme, or lots of reds and greens? If these colors predominate in your home, and you celebrate Christmas, than go ahead and look for the more traditional red and green holiday décor, like red poinsettias, red velvet bows etc..

Those who decorate for Chanukah should look to accent with blue if they have a neutral or blue color scheme already in their home.

If your home’s permanent color palette differs from your holiday’s traditional colors, go with a new approach for a look that is both sophisticated and elegant.

Try decorating with metallics like silver and gold, in addition to white and ivory. Beautiful flowers and plants embellished with silver and gold ribbons will add sparkle and majesty to your home, while not conflicting with your permanent color scheme.

Make Your Home Glow

Use lots and lots of candles, again in silver, gold, white and ivory, or the traditional colors of your holiday (if that complements your home). This will add warmth and a beautiful glow to your holiday celebration.

To make this year even more meaningful, consider creating a coffee table holiday photo book with pictures from winter holidays gone by. What a wonderful way for your family and friends to reminisce and reconnect!

Add Fresh Greenery

Try something fresh this year. Bring in greenery from your yard to decorate your mantle and/or make a centerpiece for your table. Placing the greenery on mirrored trays will add depth and dimension plus a little punch to your display. The effect will be stunning and your senses will be treated to the fresh aroma of real plants.

You can also purchase potted plants and decorate with ribbons etc. for centerpieces or room décor. When the holidays are over they can be planted in your yard for fond memories in years to come.

When you are finished, you will truly enjoy the results.  It will please more than just the eyes, tying together visual beauty, wonderful fresh aromas, and fond family memories.