Food: Peppers Market in Morrisville

Story and iPhone photos by Hal Goodtree.

Morrisville, NC – How many sandwiches are made and eaten everyday in Cary? Thousands, surely. But you’d have to eat a lot of sandwiches to find any as good as those from Peppers Market in Morrisville.

Peppers Market in Grace Park

The mood is bright, modern and cheerful at Peppers. Light floods in from windows on two sides, local artwork decorates the walls and a cozy patio seems to bring the outdoors into the restaurant.

The shop is located in Grace Park at the corner of Davis Drive and Morrisville-Carpenter Road. Grace Park has a neighborhood-y feel with residences above the stores and plenty of light and space.

The Food

There’s always something unusual about the sandwiches from Peppers – even the ham and cheese has something magical about it (ham piled high on a crispy flat bread with creamy goat cheese, tomatoes and whole grain mustard).

Other sandwich favorites include BBQ Bleu Chicken (grilled chicken breast with Sweet & Tangy Homemade BBQ sauce, baby spinach and a roasted garlic & blue cheese aioli), Pork Lion on a Ciabatta roll, or Citrus Salmon (grilled salmon steak lightly marinated in Peppers Sweet Citrus Sauce and topped with red onion, crisp lettuces and ripe tomatoes).

Peppers also offeres soups, salads, smoothies and vegetarian fare. See the menu.

Everything we’ve had at Peppers has proven wholesome, well-prepared and delicious. The restaurant also serves breakfast.


The attention to detail one experiences in the restaurant and the food is mirrored in the service.

Service is quick, unobtrusive and efficient from order-taking to food delivery. The staff cranks it up and visibly hustles during lunch hour.

Peppers isn’t a franchise – the owner walks around and makes sure everything is good and everyone is happy. When was the last time you saw the CEO of McDonald’s walking around to find out if your Big Mac was okay? Think about that when you’re deciding where to spend you lunch money.

For uniqueness, quality, cheery atmosphere and good service, CaryCitizen is please to recommend Peppers Market as one of our favorite local places.

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    • Susan Leadbeater
      Susan Leadbeater says:

      This really is the BEST sandwich shop anywhere – all round excellence!

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