Hemlock Bluffs: Prescribed Burn on Monday

Story from staff reports. Photo of prescribed burn in Virginia by U.S. Army Environmental Command.

Cary, NC – Don’t be frightened if you see smoke rising from Hemlock Bluffs on Monday, January 30, 2012. It’s a “prescribed burn,” a forestry process to prevent larger forest fires.

Hemlock Bluffs Prescribed Burn

CaryCitizen received this info from the Town on Friday:

As part of its long-term fire management plan for Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, the Town of Cary will perform its first prescribed burn at the bluffs on Monday, January 30, 2012, weather permitting. The North Carolina Forest Service will implement and supervise the burn, which will measure less than the size of two football fields. Town staff will offer logistical assistance and a Town of Cary fire truck will be present on site during the burn.

“Safety is our top priority, so every precaution will be taken to ensure that everyone is safe during the burn,” said Mark Johns, Program Specialist at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve. “Trails will be well-signed and patrolled by natural resource managers and preserve staff, with some trails closing down briefly during the burn.”

The preserve, located at 2616 Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, will remain open on Monday and visitors are encouraged to enjoy as usual.

Prescribed burns are a safe and proven way of clearing dead vegetation and flammable underbrush, which can serve as fuel for wildfires. Many North Carolina ecosystems require periodic fire for maintenance, increased productivity and overall health.

Removing the underbrush also improves habitat for wildlife by releasing vital nutrients and increasing the number of close to the ground plants, like blueberry and huckleberry, that produce fruits eaten by birds and other wildlife.

More Info

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The Town of Cary Public Information Office advised us that the burn is scheduled for late Monday morning.