Solar Energy Generates Cash for Dorcas Ministries

Story from staff reports. Photo by Michael Mazengarb.

Cary, NC – Dorcas Ministries in Cary is all set to get free energy, and cash, from some unused rooftop space. Welcome to the green economy.

Solar Partnership

Dorcas Ministries, a Cary-based non-profit, will install 845 solar panels on 50,000 square feet of unused rooftop space.

The initiative is a partnership with Yes! Solar Solutions of Cary and Argand Energy Solutions of Durham. The installation will be the largest non-profit solar energy system in Wake County and one of the largest non-profit installations in the state of North Carolina.

Yes Solar and Argand will work side-by-side on the installation. Once operating, the system will produce 236.5 kilowatts of energy, enough juice to power approximately 28 small homes each year.

Free Energy and Cash to Burn

Under an innovative solar financing model, Argand Energy will own and operate the system and Dorcas Ministries will be able to use the solar-generated energy with no out-of-pocket expenses. The non-profit will receive lease payments for the otherwise unusable rooftop space. Energy from the system will be sold to Progress Energy.

Construction on the project is slated to begin immediately.

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