Design Update on Downtown Cary Movie Theater

Story by Hal Goodtree. Illustration from Town of Cary.

Cary, NC – A new design update has surfaced for the movie theater downtown. The illustrations show a three-story building with an adjacent coffee shop and patio. 

The 65% Design

The new design work was sent from staff to Town Council members for review.

It’s a “65%” design – that is, it’s still a work-in-progress and much could change.

The Town acquired the property in July of last year. Originally, the building had served as Cary’s first movie theater. The plan is to restore it to its original function.

Notes from staff:

  • The building addition is three stories with a café on the first floor.
  • The Theater seating remains at 180 seats.  A balcony remains on the left and right sides of the theater.
  • The architect and artist are working closely together on colors and materials for the marquee.

Real-Time Information

The movie house renovation has been a topic of high public interest. One of the concerns had been a suggestion of neon in the plan. The new sketches may present readers and citizens with a more detailed look at what is really planned.

We present this information here so citizens can find out the most recent news as soon as it’s available – in real time, if you will.

What do you think of these latest plans? What type of programming would you attend at the new theater downtown?

4 replies
  1. Jim Whitt
    Jim Whitt says:

    As a matter of historical interest, the Facebook group “When Cary (NC) Was Cary” mentions that Patsy Cline performed at the old theater many years ago.

  2. Laura
    Laura says:

    One big question is what about parking? Has this been addressed? I really like the downtown revitalization but parking is currently limited. If you’re parked in certain parking lots downtown where you’re not rendering their services, towing is strictly enforced. A real damper and a potential issue.

  3. Scott
    Scott says:

    Very exciting. We need more entertainment venues like “The Cary” to support a higher quality of life for those Cary citizens and small businesses which value “walkability.”

  4. Keith
    Keith says:

    the latest plans are exciting for various entertainment options for Cary Downtown. i’d take my kids for family-oriented events, go with co-workers for a comedy show and certainly would make a date-night out of an indie-movie or live performance. hoping the venue will bring a unique cafe that can offer an evolving atmosphere depending on the event taking place there. exciting, indeed, BRING ON the NEUTRAL COLOR NEON!!!!

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