Business: Green Kangaroo, e-Commerce Stationer for Brides

Cary, NC – Green Kangaroo is an e-commerce custom stationer with a store front in a new Downtown Cary location. Unlike other businesses in our local market, they don’t rely on foot traffic to do business. When they opened in March, I was curious to learn what resided behind the frosted windows down the street from our CaryCitizen office.

Green Kangaroo – Everyday Magic for Weddings

What I found behind the sign was a quietly intense work space of graphic designers who create magic every day for brides all over the country.

Owner Kristen Klett started the Green Kangaroo in 2002 inside her home where she designed custom ideas for weddings and other events. Her stationery goes way beyond pretty invitations, to include  placecards, signage, logos, menus and wedding program designs.

The Green Kangaroo moved to the new location after several years in offices within Ashworth Village’s second floor shops. The new space has given her greater visibility and the opportunity to grow in the future with a second floor. Design, production, order fulfillment, customer service and shipping take place in the Cary office. Printing is handled locally in a separate location.

Real People Behind the Website

What makes her business different from other invitation shops is the ability to accommodate special request items. Many times a customer may see a design they like, but it might be square or a shape that will require additional postage when mailed. Her shop can redesign the invitation to a rectangular shape at no extra charge. Another plus for the online customer is that there are REAL people that can be called to discuss any questions.

Kristen notes that “Brides pay special attention to all the details of their weddings, and don’t want to feel as if they have settled. ” The Green Kangaroo lets them have the detail of design that they can carry through the entire wedding. Many designs are even translated onto the wedding cakes.

Every Color in the Rainbow

Designs range from custom monograms to floral designs and type.  She keeps a large supply of  colored papers and special folded envelopes for use as samples. The office is lined with shelves bursting with samples of every shade in the rainbow.

Orders take about 2 days to receive a proof and after approval, production can be as fast as 5-7 business days. Complex custom orders may take as long as 15-20 days.

More than 90% of the Green Kangaroo’s business is done outside of this area. But local folks should know that Kristen is only a phone call away for personal appointments and consultations. There are no walk-ins.

Weddings and More

Although weddings make up the bulk of the business, Kristen also designs holiday cards, birth announcements, thank you notes and more. A good portion of her customers are satisfied repeat clients.

Why Green Kangaroo?

Kristen explained that as a child she and a friend were middle children in their families. The Judy Blume book “And the One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo” stuck with her. She liked that imagery and decided to use it in her business. She also uses the initials TGK Designs as an abbreviation.

So there you have it, another Cary Business revealed.


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  1. Gwynn Hegyi
    Gwynn Hegyi says:

    What a cool idea! We will definitely be in touch for the next wedding.

  2. darla anderson
    darla anderson says:

    So proud of my daughter- she has always been a hard worker and very talented!!!

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