Lori Bush: Stand Up and Volunteer

From the blog of Lori Bush, At-Large member of Cary Town Council.

Cary, NC – Have you ever sat there and said,

  • Why don’t they put a park by my house?
  • Wonder what they’re building over there…
  • I wish we would have bigger recycling bins…
  • I want a walkable Town…
  • Why don’t we have a YouTube channel?
  • I wish Cary would….

If so, then your town needs YOU!

It’s that time of year, when we at the Town of Cary ask citizens to step up and help continue to make Cary the best Town in North Carolina.  Or, what we call, applying for a Town of Cary board or commission.

Board? Commission?

The Town of Cary boards and commissions are just one way that the Town Council and staff get direct citizen input and guidance on issues and opportunities facing the Town.  Our volunteers (across the Town) are advocates for this great community, and their participation makes Cary a better place to live. By volunteering your precious time to participate in one of our boards and commissions, you give us the information that we need to make decisions.

We have seven boards and commissions right now at the Town and each of them provides a vital and important role to staff and Town Council.  By participating on one of the boards, you are giving us your “citizen recommendations” for all types of activities, events, and policies throughout the town, on issues that impact our entire community.  Whether you provide input relying on a unique skill or set of experiences, or based on your personal interests – your active involvement makes Cary a better community.

What will you do if appointed?

Each of the boards and commissions has a set of guidelines and focus areas.  Although some of the boards are looking for specific skills for some roles, the basic requirement is your active participation.

  • Each board has a set meeting schedule and you are asked to attend these meetings in person.
  • Different boards/commissions have various work plans, time committments  and schedules.
  • Some “homework” may be involved.
  • Your input and feedback is key to continuing our great quality of life.  You’ll develop new relationships, share your concerns, opinions, and help us solve problems,  and you might even have fun!


The following boards and commissions will have openings this year:

  1. Environmental Advisory Board – 3 positions
  2. Information Services Advisory Board  – 2 positions
  3. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Advisory Board – 3 positions
  4. Public Art Advisory Board – 3 positions
  5. Planning and Zoning Board – 3 positions
  6. Town Center Review Commission – 1 position  (This board is being sun-setted)
  7. Zoning Board of Adjustment – No positions open for 2012

Please review the Board and Commissions guidelines before applying, to ensure you don’t have any conflicts of interests associated with the board for which you would apply.

Applications must be received by June 30, 2012.

Play a part

Pick a board or commission that has a mission that is near and dear to your heart or perhaps one of your passions.  From the Environmental Advisory Board, to the the Information Service Advisory Board, to Parks and Recreation – there are many to choose from. YOU are what’s best about this town that we live in, and we need your help.

I look forward to seeing your application, and thanks for helping to keep Cary great!


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  1. Brent
    Brent says:

    Thank you, Ms. Bush, for blogging to keep Cary citizens informed about what’s going on in our town government.

    I applaud your call to action for citizens to become involved. This is our town and every person can make a difference.

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