Business: AT&T Sponsors Cary Innovation Center

Republished from Cary Innovation Center. Used with permission. Photo by Brooke Meyer.

Cary, NC – At a ceremony recently at The Matthews House in Cary, Herb Crenshaw of AT&T presented Cary Innovation Center with a check for $5,000, making tangible their support for entrepreneurship in Cary.

AT&T Sponsors Cary Innovation Center

On Thursday, July 12, a crowd of about 200 had gathered at The Matthews House for a Heart of Cary Association panel discussion about Social Media for Business.

Before the panel discussion got started, HoCA President Terry “Doc” Thorne introduced Bill Warner, Executive Director of Cary Innovation Center. “We’re very pleased today to accept a check for $5,000 from AT&T in support of Cary Innovation Center,” Bill Warner told the audience.

Bill was joined by Herb Crenshaw, Executive Director-External Affairs of AT&T North Carolina.

“At AT&T, we understand that entrepreneurship is the backbone of our nation’s economy, creating jobs and stimulating innovation and investment,” said Crenshaw. “That’s why we are committed to continually providing the communications tools which enable small businesses to compete and succeed in a global marketplace. The Cary Innovation Center will be an invaluable resource to folks working to start or grow their business and we are excited to help support those efforts.”

In recognition od AT&T’s generous donation, Cary Innovation Center renamed their conference room the AT&T Conference Center.