Preston Homeowner Adds Bathroom, Property Value Not Increased

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Sarah Young.

Cary, NC – OK, THIS is funny. I caught the lovely owners of this home working in the yard while I was driving down Glen Abbey Drive in Cary.

My daughter Colleen was driving. “Stop the car!” I hollered. I asked my youngest, Sarah, to snap a quick picture. And then I jumped out of the car.

The homeowners asked me to withhold their names while we were laughing so hard we could hardly stand it.

Turnabout is Fair Play

Seems they gave this old broken toilet to one of their neighbors for his 50th birthday as a gift.

Some time later the couple decided that their lawn needed to be renovated and were in the process of tearing their yard up to ultimately replace their fescue with a warm season grass.

Toilet Humor

Not long after, in the dead of  night, the aforementioned commode along with a sign declaring their property as “Yard of the Month” appeared in their front yard. With the birthday boy’s fingerprints allegedly all over it.

Now that’s a neighborhood I want to live in.