Music: Shana Tucker at Sertoma This Saturday

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Hannah Pearce for Shana Tucker.

Cary, NC – There’s no shortage of musical entertainment in our area this summer- but only a few shows are free. Shana Tucker graces the Sertoma Amphitheatre stage this Saturday, August 11, 2012.

Shana Tucker at Sertoma

Shana Tucker describes her music as Chamber Soul. It’s soulful, jazzy and puts a high emphasis on musicianship.

From Shana’s website:

Transcending genre distinctions, she settles comfortably within the realm of ChamberSoul — a familiar pastiche of soulful, acoustic down-tempo pop with hints of classically-influenced, folksie otherstuff. “It’s familiar without the threat of pigeon-hole confinement…I love 80’s music, I’m a sucker for jazz. I have a bossa-novian heartbeat, which comes out in my vocal phrasing…classical training inspires the cello sensibilities, but I like to channel blues & old-timey bass lines into it as well. It’s like a great coffee blend: bold, robust with undertones of bittersweet chocolate,

She released her debut CD, SHiNE, last year.  She will be joined on stage at Sertoma by Mark Wells of Peter Lamb and the Wolves (keys/piano), Nick Baglio of The Hot at Nights (drums), and Darion Alexander (bass).

Tucker ‘s unique quality starts with her melodic voice and the mix with her cello. She hails from Amittyville, NY but settled in the Piedmont in 2003 because of our wonderful quality of life for her toddler son. She has become a big force in the local music scene. This year she will be releasing a series of digital singles along with a music video this fall.

She calls herself “Bi-Coastal” playing here in Durham and Las Vegas with her unique Django-Hot Club-esque style. In Vegas she is playing with the Cirque DeSoleil show”Ka”. The show allows her to keep fresh and have one foot in each state, and visit New york when the show goes dark

Get a flavor of her music on YouTube:  Shana Tucker on UNC TV.

Presented by PineCone

The Shana Tucker show at Sertoma this weekend is presented by PineCone which supports traditional music of the region.

Event info

ShanaTucker in Concert
Saturday, August 11, 6-8pm
Sertoma Amphitheatre, Bond Park, off High House Rd, Cary
Cost: Free to the public, food allowed.

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  1. Jamie Katz
    Jamie Katz says:

    The concert is Saturday, and the rain site will be the Kiwanis Shelter, also in Bond Park and located right nearby the Sertoma Amphitheatre. Additional details about this & other concerts are available at

    Thanks to the Cary Citizen for helping get the word out about this Saturday’s show, and to the Town of Cary, whose support makes it possible for this show to be free to the public!

  2. Dave Butler
    Dave Butler says:

    The URL seems to indicate the concert is on Friday, but the content says Saturday. It’s on Saturday, right?

    • Hal Goodtree
      Hal Goodtree says:

      The show is Saturday.

      Unfortunately, once an URL is published, you can’t really change or all the incoming links go bad.

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