Pictures from Lazy Daze 2012, Part 1

Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – I got to Lazy Daze early, around 8:15 on Saturday morning. Here are a few pictures as Cary’s most iconic festival booted up.

Lazy Daze 2012, Part 1

The day started out with some sun underneath low clouds.

A few people wandered the streets before the official start of the festival. The air was somewhat cool for mid-August in Cary, NC.

I talked with a few friends at the corner of Chatham and Academy. The high school bands and color guards got ready to perform.

The street started to fill. John Webster, the Town Crier, climbed on top of a platform in the middle of the street.

John Webster’s a funny guy, combining official pomp and circumstance with a sly humor. It’s a little like Elizabethan English meets standup comedy.

Cultural Arts Manager Lyman Colins took the stage in front of Fidelity Bank. He introduced Town Council members and festival organizers in attendance.

Lazy Daze founder Jerry Miller was there, standing next to super-Volunteer Kay Struffolino and Sister Cities President Barbara Shepard.

Jerry says I’m his personal photographer. I’m happy in the role.

Councilman Jack Smith spoke on behalf of the members in attendance. Below L–>R Don Frantz, Lori Bush (partially hidden), Jack Smith and Council’s newest member Ed Yerha.

The clouds came between the sun and the street as Lyman wrapped it up.

John Webster took another bow for the crowd.

The scene moved from the stage to the street.

Music filled the air . The crowds started to fill downtown Cary.

I took a stroll up Academy toward Cary Arts Center.

The chainsaw sculptor was carving bears.

By the time I got to CAC and looked back toward the center of town, what had been a few hundred people had turned into 10,000.

It wasn’t yet 10 AM.


In Lazy Daze 2012, Part 2, Brooke Meyer shares some photos from later in the day.

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  1. Brent
    Brent says:

    Great pictures Hal! Thanks for posting these.

    P.S. Our friend Kay Struffolino might appreciate having the misspelling of her name corrected (either that or you might want to change the others’ names to “Jey Mille” and Babaa Shepad” :-)

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