Blue Moon in Cary on Friday

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Trypode.

Cary, NC – In popular culture, a Blue Moon refers to the second full moon in any month. In Cary, we had a full moon on August 1, 2012 and another full moon will appear on Friday, August 31.

Blue Moon

First of all, it’s not actually blue.

Sometimes, one might see a moon that is blue in the sky, but this is probably from dust or smoke.

A Blue Moon (capitalized) is the second full moon of a month. But this is a recent usage.

Only back in 1946 did Sky & Telescope publish an article with the contemporary definition of a Blue Moon. In 1999, we had two Blue Moons in one year – January and March – and no full moon at all in February.

Blue Moon Bakery and Cafe in Cary Celebrates the Blue Moon

Fittingly, Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe in Cary is celebrating August 2012’s Blue Moon.

From HoCA President Doc Thorne:

Celebrate this year’s only blue moon with Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe in Cary on Friday August 31st. There won’t be another one until July 2015!

In Store Specials
While supplies last. Specials for in store purchase only.

  • $1.00 cookies
  • $1.00 cupcakes
  • $1.00 sodas
  • $1.00 12 oz coffee
  • $2.00 cake cups
  • Free drink with sandwich/wrap purchase
  • Enter to win a free 8” specialty cake
  • One winner per hour from noon to 7pm
  • Free samples

Blue Moon Cafe in Cary will be open until 8pm on Friday.

Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe
in Ashworth Village
115 W Chatham St
Cary, NC 27511

Even if you have no special celebration in mind, glance up at night sky on Friday and see the second full moon of this month, a sure sign that we live in a magical world.