Scavenger Hunt: Your Chance To Be A Movie Star

Cary, NC – Anyone ever tell you that you have a face for the movies? Well, we think so! In fact, if you sign-up right now for the Cary Scavenger Hunt, you could be chosen to appear in the 2012 Cary Scavenger Hunt Movie!

Teams On Film

We’ve teamed up with Hendrick Fiat to give 4 Scavenger Hunt Teams the chance to be on film for the duration of the Hunt.

Hendrick Fiat is letting 4 teams have the chance to test drive a Fiat 500 for the whole day. Each car will be equipped with a small Go Camera documenting each teams adventure through town.

So, not only will our 4 selected teams get to drive a brand new Fiat during the Hunt, their adventure will also be recorded on film to be edited into a short movie about the Cary Scavenger Hunt!

How Can My Team Be In The Movie?

We have 4 Fiat cars specially equipped with cameras, so we need 4 Scavenger Hunt Teams. How can your team win the chance to appear in the movie? Easy.

Sign-up your team for the Cary Scavenger Hunt HERE by August 31st. We’ll randomly pick four teams from all of the teams signed-up.

We will announce our 4 Teams on the CaryCitizen Facebook Page after September 3rd. Then get out your movie star sunglasses and meet us on September 15th for the 2012 Cary Scavenger Hunt!

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  1. Brent
    Brent says:

    I’d love to enjoy one of these cars during the day of the scavenger hunt, but I’ve been told that I have the perfect face for radio (not the movies). :)

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