More School Buses on the Way

Cary, NC – If you have kids in the Wake County Public School System, chances are you experienced a crazy bus schedule during the first week of school last week.

Superintendent Tony Tata has come out with a strong statement that problems will be addressed and issues will be addressed. But be patient.

Transportation staff for the Wake County Public School System has been working this week to create solutions for students whose buses have been late to and from school.

Adding Up to 27 Buses Back

Based on initial assessments, the district will add up to 27 buses back to routes to improve service for the system’s approximately 75,000 riders.

This week, staff added four buses back on Tuesday and seven more on Friday. On Tuesday, September 4, the district will add up to another 16 buses to its routes.

“There are no excuses for what happened, and we are committed to fixing the problem,” Superintendent Tony Tata said. “If we determine more buses are needed, we will continue to add them until the issues are resolved.”

School principals will be communicating Friday directly with parents who will be affected by changes to bus routes and schedules.

Updated bus routes will also be published on the WCPSS website before the end of the day Friday August 31.