Celebrity Judges at Cary Scavenger Hunt

Story by Leslie Huffman.

Cary, NC – I have fun doing my job. Mostly because I get to meet so many interesting people in the community. Most are business owners or families that love the Scavenger Hunt. But, this week, I got to hang out with the “movers & shakers” of Cary.

Here Come The Judges!

I spent the last two evenings with 16 Cary Scavenger Hunt Celebrity Judges. Believe it or not, I commanded a room filled with folks like Mayor Weinbrecht of Cary, Mayor Holcombe of Morrisville, Chief Bazemore of the Cary Police Department and Chief Cain of the Cary Fire Department and many more. I have arrived….!

All of these very distinguished folks hold prominent positions in the community and really wanted the opportunity to connect with citizens in a fun way. I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and want to thank them for all they do for our community, and for not laughing me out of the room.

First Name Basis

Now that all of us are on a first name basis, I am feeling my “cool factor” rise with my family. So let me do a bit of name dropping with you. Here are the Celebrity Judges that will be joining us for the Cary Scavenger Hunt:

  • Mayor Harold Weinbrecht – Mayor of Cary
  • Mayor Jackie Holcombe – Mayor of Morrisville
  • Chief Pat Bazemore – Cary Chief of Police
  • Chief Allan Cain – Cary Fire Chief
  • Jack Smith – Cary Town Councilman
  • Erv Portman – Wake County Commissioner
  • Ed Yerha – Cary Town Councilman
  • Terry “Doc” Thorne – President, The Heart of Cary Association
  • Kris Carmichael – Supervisor, Paige-Walker Center
  • Sheila Ogle – Owner, The Matthews House
  • Clare Sifford – Director, Cary Visual Art
  • Joy Pike – Chair, Heart of Cary Association
  • Peggy Van Scoyoc – Cary Author & Historian
  • Carlotta Ungaro – President, Morrisville Chamber Of Commerce
  • Gary Hart – Founder & Managing Partner, Legacy Safeguard Resource
  • Robert Geiger – President, ZenGo Corp. (& CaryCitizen’s Very Cool Mentor)

Connect. Engage. Enjoy.

Now you can interact with all these awesome community leaders by becoming a Team in the Cary Scavenger Hunt THIS Saturday, September 15th. Join us and watch your “cool factor” rise as you learn more about Cary and meet some very influential community leaders.