Get Your Own Personal Ballot

Cary, NC – Is it me, or does this election seem to have a proliferation of candidates? Thank goodness for the NC Voter Guide where I can get my own custom ballot.

A Bumper Crop of Candidates

Early voting is just fine, but I love Election Day. Fans of robust democracy should be cheered by this year’s bumper crop of candidates for elected office.

In my neck of Cary, there are road signs for presidential candidates, of course. But also NC Representatives, Judges, ballot initiatives and State offices no one can identify.

Your Personal Ballot: NC Voter Guide

Over at NC Voter Guide, you can build your own ballot and find links to all the candidates for office.

It’s all online and a solid piece of web design to boot. You enter your street address (only used to generate the ballot) and click your way through the offices up for grabs.

At the end, you can email yourself your personal ballot or print the results.

A Place to Get All the Information

Another thing to really like about NC Voter Guide is that candidate information is right there on the same page as the race.

Straight Party Vote Does Not Include President

From the State Board of Elections:

A “straight party” vote does not include the office of President/Vice President or any nonpartisan race or issue:

  • You must vote for President/Vice President separately from the other offices.
  • Nonpartisan offices and issues also must be voted separately.

More detailed instructions are on your ballot.  For paper ballots, be sure to turn the ballot over because there are contests on the back of the ballot.

Bonds & Ballot Initiatives

Bonds and other ballot initiatives were not on my NC Voter personal ballot.

Remember: you have to turn over your actual election ballot to vote on referenda.

Build Your Own Ballot

Go over to NC Voter Guide and build your own ballot right now.

In an election season where candidates are thick as autumn acorns, I thought NC Voter Guide was a great tool to help sort things out.