Morrisville Launches “HOTTies” Entrepreneur Program

Morrisville, NC –  The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is looking for entrepreneurs to enter new program called HOTTies, an acronym for Heart Of The Triangle. The Chamber made the announcement on December 4 at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s (CED) member meeting held at Geomagic in Morrisville.  The program will be launched at the organization’s annual meeting in February.

Five Will Be Offered Space

HOTTies will offer five entrepreneurs free office space, internet and a support network to help the budding businesses get started.  Those entrepreneurs successfully completing the five-month program will then have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field to connect them with funding opportunities and mentors.

Council Member Steve Rao’s Brainchild

This initiative is the brainchild of Steve Rao of Alphanumeric and Morrisville Town Council member.  Rao stated, “I have a passion to help small businesses and this is a great opportunity for Morrisville to help up-and-coming stars get their start.  The best way to grow and create jobs is to harness the innovative and global talent in our region.   Hottvation will help accelerate these efforts and will add to the growth of entrepreneurship in the Triangle Region.”

Chamber is the Connector

The Morrisville Chamber is partnering with organizations including CED to execute this venture.  “We see the Chamber as the convener and connector for these businesses.  We don’t want to duplicate services other organizations are providing,” stated Carlotta Ungaro, president of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to CED, Wake Tech and TiE have also made available some of their resources for this initiative.  Corporate support include Duke Realty is donating the space and Time Warner Business is donating the internet access.


Do you have a business idea? Hurry and get your ducks in a row as the deadline to apply is fast approaching.

The deadline for entries is January 11.  For more information, go to

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  1. Ian Henshaw
    Ian Henshaw says:

    Way to go Morrisville! This effort is well thought out and has many characteristics to make it successful: Led by a passionate entrepreneur and supported by the Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, many businesses and Non-profit agencies. I like how the HOTTovation link takes you to a landing page inside the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce Website.

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