Coming Soon: Jobs, Restaurants and New Theatre at Park West


Morrisville, NC – More restaurants, a new movie theater and some jobs are coming to Park West Village in the coming weeks. Here’s the run-down.

Jobs, Restaurants and New Theatre at Park West

Park West Village continues their build-out at the corner of Cary Parkway and Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville.

Recently, a Chili’s opened on the Chapel Hill Road side of Park West next to Travinia (the Kildaire Farm Chili’s location has closed). Soon the Stone Theater Park West 14 will open, after several delays, and along with it, a few new restaurants.

Notably: The Wine Guy,  Noodles and Company, and Bad Daddy’s Burger, all small chains that promise great food to consume before or after a flick.

The Wine Guy

The Wine Guy Wine Shop & Bistro hails from Ohio with five locations. This will be the first one in North Carolina.

Husband and wife team Craig and Laura Decker own the concept started by Craig who has vast experience in the beverage industry and even co-hosted a wine and food show in Ohio before starting his brand. Craig’s years in the catering and wine industries shaped the restaurant that he is now expanding outside his home state.

Noodle and Company

The Noodle and Company concept is based on everyone’s love of noodles and all things pasta.  They fix up everything from Mac and Cheese to Asian style noodles made to order – all made quickly and served with style for around $8.

The company founder, Aaron Kennedy, came up with the concept of different ethnic cuisines all being Noodle based and served under one roof  in 1995. From one restaurant in Denver, he has expanded to hundreds around the country.

Bad Daddy’s Burgers

Bad Daddy’s Burgers- just like the concept sounds – they aim to have the baddest burgers on the planet. They are also big on desserts and beers.

Their aim is part sports bar, part family friendly fast casual. Average price of a burger: $10 so it ain’t cheap eats like Five Guys or Char Grill.

Stone Cinemas

And what we have all been waiting for : The new Movie Theater. Stone Cinemas is opening a 14 screen mega picture theater soon. Originally slated to open its doors before Christmas, plans delayed opening.

The cineplex will feature 14-screen with stadium seats, wall-to-wall screens, digital projection and PDX, Dolby digital and DTS digital sound, Rear Window Captioning (RWC) and Descriptive Video Service (DVS) . Opening is slated for January 25 according to the Stone Theaters’ website.


The new cinema is looking for staff at this time. Visit for more info.

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  1. Brendan
    Brendan says:

    While I’m very happy with new restaurants coming to the area — Bad Daddy and Noodles & Company are both very good, whatever happened to McAlister’s Deli coming to Park West Village? I kept hearing this for months, on both PWV web site and on the McAlisters web site, but it never happened. North Hills, Chapel Hill and Durham (2) all have these.

    What really irritates me is that, once again, PWV gets all these new restaurants, while Waverly Place sits virtually empty. Pathetic! Bad Daddy’s would have been perfect there!

    I really don’t think WP will EVER be a fully-leased shopping center. They seriously should have bulldozed the old structure and started fresh to get rid of this horribly-flawed back-to-back-to-back design which requires an anchor store on all 3 sides. This is why 2 complete sides are virtually empty. I have to think that the owners have to be losing lots of money here. It’s a shame considering the local demographics are incredible.

  2. J C
    J C says:

    Great news for anyone who wants to buy semi-automatic weapons, may be not so great for the rest of us. Thanks Gander Mountain for bringing guns closer to our local schools. And yes, they sell the exact model used in the Newtown shootings.

  3. spencer
    spencer says:

    did or is the carolina pottery closing down or they moving i saw bass pro shop will take place of pottery so i was wondering

  4. Sharon Lewis
    Sharon Lewis says:

    Looking forward to all the new openings, I think its important to support local. Glad to see the wine store, but Sip A Wine store, down the street will always be #1!

  5. Owen
    Owen says:

    Any idea what will happen to Park Place cinema across the street? They have digital DLP projection too. Their stadium seating isn’t as steep as some (who cares?) but whatev. People tend to gravitate towards that which is new and shiny.

    I already noticed that, since Galaxy closed, they seem to have added Bollywood to their lineup.

    It would be awesome if this could be converted into one of those cinema-restaurant things. Another possibility would be another second-run theater like Blue Ridge. Still another is that they change their lineup even further to cover the indie flicks that were the Galaxy’s domain. Perhaps they will do some combination of the above.

    Or perhaps they will do nothing and compete on price, hoping that people keep showing up anyway. I for one would continue to go to Park Place rather than a glitzy new theater if it were even 50 cents cheaper.

    • Mark A.
      Mark A. says:

      I have heard Park Place is going to covert to a 2nd run house like Blue Ridge, as you mentioned. So it would be new movies at Park West and older movies at Park Place.

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