Home Decorating Trends For 2013


Story by Danny Taylor, local Realtor and home decorating guru for CaryCitizen. Photo by Patrick Hoesly.

Cary, NC – Each year the color consulting company Pantone promotes a “color of the year”.  Last year it was tangerine. This year…. drum roll please….Emerald Green!

Color of the Year

I must confess I have never been a huge green fan, even back in the 80’s when Hunter Green walls where all the rage.  Emerald does have more “umph” and life, as it is a true jewel tone.

This color is best used in small doses, as are most of the colors that Pantone promotes.  I am seeing this used with all shade of gray to great effect, and of course with a touch of my beloved leopard!  Miles Redd does a super job with color, as illustrated below.

A Return of Chintz Prints

Speaking of the 80’s, I am seeing a return to chintzes (a printed cotton or linen)  for drapery, furniture, and bedding.  Famous old school fabric houses such as Brunschwig and Scalamandre are re-coloring old patterns for a new generation.

Granny chic?  Not really.  Just chic.  Both of these fabric houses have new owners and new design directors that are doing a fabulous job!  The ones shown below are from Brunschwig, and two of my personal favorites.  I have Le Lac in my own home and have used it in many clients home over the years in it’s original colorway.

White Kitchens Return

The white kitchen (not the plastic 80’s version) is back…and strong!   I am seeing this everywhere from new high-end construction to quality renovations.  This trend certainly extends to the bath.  I just put in a cream on white marble master bath myself and could not be happier with the results.

It is my opinion that this trend will stand the test of time, and we will not be pulling these beautiful rooms apart in 10 years to catch the latest trend.

Brass is Back

Brass….good brass.  Do not think of the crummy lacquered brass of the 80’s and 90’s.  This is the real thing. It develops a patina.  It has staying power.  It has history on it’s side and will be around forever.  What do you think is under that fake oil rubbed bronze finish….brass.

Good brass fittings in a home say quality, and just like good wallpaper it will never go out of favor with those in the know.

Home Prices Heading Upwards

With the real estate market getting back on track, we are seeing a lot of new buyers, move up/down buyers and sellers, and certainly we have investors coming out of the woodwork.  With the Fed giving away money (low rates), if you have a job, credit, and any savings now is the time to jump in.  The bottom has passed.  Trend here?  Homes prices are expected to rise 7% to 9% this calendar year.  This is providing you have the three key elements of real estate…location, condition, and the correct price.  If these elements are in place you are ready to jump in!

These are the most relevant trends I am seeing emerge as the new year begins.  Feel free to add your thoughts and insights!


Danny Taylor owns and operates DT &Co Real Estate, with offices in Raleigh and Cary.

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