Pictures: New Black Creek Greenway Section


Story and pictures by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – A new segment of the Black Creek Greenway opened recently. It runs from the corner of Maynard and High House downhill to Castilia and on to Bond Park.

Pictures: New Black Creek Greenway Section

The weather was a balmy 74° on Sunday afternoon for my hike on the new section of Black Creek Greenway.


The new leg connects from the corner of Maynard and High House, downhill through the Battery Park subdivision, hooking up an older section at Castalia and on down to Bond Lake. The distance is about 1.25 miles one way.


The path is paved for the entire route. The top most section is somewhat steep, with houses on the right and a ravine on the left.



The greenway flattens out a little as it winds through Battery Park and around a small pond.



There’s a new wooden bridge over the creek as you some out to Castalia Drive and connect to an older part of the trail.



Now, the Black Creek is on your right. The ground levels out into a wider, wooded plain. The creek runs beneath a cul-de-sac and emerges beneath the wide cut of the overhead power lines.


The greenway finishes its journey,. meandering down through Bond Park. The baseball fields are on the right and the creek crosses under the path along the way.

Pedestrian and bicycle traffic picks up in this section, finally emerging on the lake.



The section nearly completes, the Black Creek Greenway, running 6.86 miles from Bond Park to Lake Crabtree, according to the Town’s Bike & Hike Map.

On a mild January Sunday in Cary, there was something for everyone.