What’s Up Downtown on Thursday


Story from Downtown correspondent Doc Thorne. Photo from HoCA.

Cary, NC – The Heart of Cary Association will be hosting its first “What’s Up? Downtown!” of the year THIS Thursday, February 21st, at Dorry’s Downtown Deli, 211 E. Chatham Street.

This is a family-friendly FREE event featuring a selection of Dorry’s fantastic finger foods and door prizes provided by many HoCA members. Additionally, power forward Charles Ward of the Cary Invasion will be on hand to sign team posters for the kids and fans. The fun and fellowship begins at 5.30PM, so mark your calendars and make plans to join us. And be sure to ask a friend, neighbor or associate to come, too.

A good time is guaranteed for all!

Hope to see everyone there. HEART of CARY ASSOCIATION INC.

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    Please, consider recycling any leftover finger food at the Cracked House sculpture across from the Arts Center.

    Think of the wild birds that would benefit from some food left in the many various niches at the House!

    Fruit is especially beneficial, as is any thing with nuts in it.


  2. Brent
    Brent says:

    I for one am pleased that the Town of Cary spent money for a taxpayer-supported water system that includes various water towers around town so that I can have sufficient water pressure in my upstairs bathroom (not to mention supplying fire hydrants that can be used in an emergency). The publicly funded water/sewer system, and other infrastructure, supports all sorts of private facilities.

    If water pressure is insufficient downtown, I hope it gets fixed. Having the hotel owner spend another $1M to fix the problem for the hotel won’t fix the problem for the resident quoted in the article who has poor pressure in his house, nor will it enable other new things downtown that will generate new tax revenue.

  3. Wes
    Wes says:

    I see in the Cary News that the downtown hotel may not go through because there will not be enough water pressure for the third floor. I sincerely this does not mean our town council will rush out and vote for a higher priced taxpayer supported water system to support a 45 room hotel. I understand it is a 10 million dollar effort and may add 5-10% to the private endeavor’s cost for them to get the additional plumbing done. If the endeavor cannot stand a 10% hit to the project then maybe it would not survive anyway. I just want to get on the record saying I don’t think any tax money should be spent to support a private endeavor. That theater is enough waste of my tax dollars.

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