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Story by Ian Henshaw, Managing Partner of

Cary, NC – There are now two useful mobile apps available to the public that can help you with public transportation in Cary.

TransLōc App

The TransLōc Transit Visualization app lets you see the real-time location of buses in the Triangle. You can download the free app for your device:

For those of you with children at NC State you may have seen them using this App for the Wolfline.  There are many other local transport agencies using the TransLōc App including:

  • Capital Are Transit
  • Chapel Hill Transit
  • Duke University
  • Durham Area Transit Authority
  • NC State University Wolfline
  • Triangle Transit
  • (and now) Cary Transit

The big news is that Cary’s bus system, called C-Tran, is now included in TransLōc. We were tipped off that the Cary routes would be added to the TransLōc App by Joe Milazzo II, the Executive Director at the Regional Transportation Alliance, during his presentation to the Cary Chamber Economic Development Committee a little more than a week ago.

TransLōc is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. There’s also a mobile web application for other phones and an SMS text app. It’s free.

Visit TransLōc and get the app for yourself.

Amtrak App

I find the Amtrak App to be useful to see if the train will be on time when my son is coming and going from UNCG.

I am always amazed to see the numbers of people getting on and off the Amtrak trains at the Cary Station!  The Amtrak App is also very handy to find out schedules and do some trip planning.

The Amtrak App is available for iPhone and Android. They also have a mobile site for other devices including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire and other web-enabled mobile device.

Get the Amtrak App for yourself.

What’s on Your Phone?

What transportation Apps do you use on your phone?

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  1. Owen
    Owen says:

    It’s about time we got C-Tran on transloc. When transloc went live for all the other bus systems around here in mid 2011, C-Tran was supposed to join them by “late fall.” Not sure what the hold up was, but 1.5 years late is certainly better than never and I have already started using it. Hooray!

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