Help Save Reedy Creek 8th Grade Dance


Cary, NC – At Reedy Creek Middle School in Cary, the PTA didn’t have money to fund the 8th Grade Dance. The principal didn’t have money. So a student stepped in to fill the gap. Now, you can help.

Saving the 8th Grade Dance

Last week, I received a letter from Lori Towner, a Reedy Creek Middle parent:

The end of 8th grade dance is a “rite of passage” in middle school.

At other schools, the PTA steps in and budgets for it and at some schools the Principal even sets aside some money to help support the event.

That’s not the case this year at Reedy Creek Middle School in Cary, NC. There’s no money from either of those sources and the parents just don’t have the financial resources to jump in and fund the dance like other schools might have.

This is where Reedy Creek 8th grade student leader Rebecca Strangio enters into the story. Rebecca asked why she and some of her friends couldn’t help raise money for the dance.

She attended a parent meeting about the dance and talked about what she was proposing. On her own, Rebecca met with the Principal to discuss her plans and get his support and approval to move forward on her goal of making this the “best dance ever” and an “experience that everyone will remember.”

Rebecca has gone to every 8th grade classroom to talk to the students about volunteering to raise money for the dance and recruited student volunteers to help at a carwash fundraiser at Advance Auto Parts on May 11, “just in time for Mother’s Day” she chimes in.

GoFundMe Campaign to Raise $1250

In response to Lori’s note and Rebecca’s efforts, CaryCitizen has started a GoFundMe campaign.

This is an “all-or-nothing” campaign. If we don’t reach our goals, your credit card will not be charged. Donate any amount you like.

When the costs are totaled, any remaining funds will be donated to the 8th Grade Moving Up (Graduation) Ceremony.

Donate Now

Donate now to fund the Reedy Creek 8th Grade Dance. The deadline is May 23, 2013.

Thank you for your support!