2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt: 3 Types of Clues


Story by Lindsey Chester, associate publisher of CaryCitizen. Photo by Paula Bailey.

Cary, NC- The 4th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt is gearing up.  Here are a few sample questions to whet your appetite. See how many you can answer.

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt: 3 Types of Clues

1. Team Photo

Team photos to prove you were there. That’s right, you can’t split up and try to conquer all of Cary by driving separate cars. Team photo clues require everyone in a team to be at the location and in the photo (except the photographer).

Here’s a Team Photo clue from our 2012 Cary Scavenger Hunt.

I’m a frog named Jeremiah, I’m outside mowing the lawn

I mow and mow but the grass is never done.

People are watching me 24 hours a day

Take a group photo with me and then be on your way.

Do you know where this is? Leave a comment if you have a clue.

2. Souvenir Item

Bring back an item from a location to prove that you visited a site. This is great way to interact with some of our local businesses who may hand you a coupon or special offer for a return visit at a later date.

Here’s a question from 2011 that required a Souvenir item:

Locally owned and locally grown

From trees and plants to walkways of stone

Fountains and pots and a decorative store

Landscape design and so much more

Garden Supply Company is the place to go

For your bag ask for the seeds that you can grow

3. Figure Out an Answer

Some clues are questions that require an answer that can only be found if you visit the site. That’s right, your smart phone may help you navigate, but there won’t be any answers found through SEARCH.

Here’s a clue from the 2010 hunt. This one stumped everyone – so we repeated it in 2011.

Where is the Liberty Tree?

Do you know? Leave a comment.

Adventure in Your Own Backyard

The Cary Scavenger Hunt is an adventure right here in your own backyard. You will go places you have never been before, and get re-acquainted with places that maybe you visited when your kids were young.

One thing is for sure, you will get connected to your team mates and where you live all in one memory-filled day. Ask anyone who has ever participated – they keep coming back for a chance to win!

Register now and save 20% through June 30! (Now only $39.00 per team!)

Visit the event website for all the info and registration page.

Sponsors – Almost Sold Out

If you would like to sponsor the event, we still have a few sponsor slots available for local businesses. Please contact Lindsey for more info.


Special thanks to our friend and long-time CaryCitizen partner, Leslie Huffman, who authored the clues for the Cary Scavenger Hunt for 3 years of fun. We can only hope to write clues with as much whimsy in 2013!