Hazmat Spill at Parkway Pointe in Cary

hazmat-spillCary, NC – Hazmat crews, fire and police spent much of the day at Parkway Pointe in Cary cleaning up a 200-300 gallon spill of sodium hydroxide.

Hazmat Spill at Parkway Pointe

Sodium hydroxide, also called caustic soda or lye, is a common industrial chemical used in construction, cleaning and for many other purposes.

A driver making a delivery at Town & Country Hardware (formerly Ace) noticed a broken container and seepage from his truck. Parkway Pointe is at the corner of SW Cary Parkway and Old Apex Road. Food Lion is the anchor tenant.

The shopping center was evacuated for emergency crews to clean up the mess. The driver was sent to a nearby hospital for minor burns from contact with the caustic soda.

Parkway Pointe is expected to be open on Thursday with a resumption of normal services.