New FBI Crime Statistics Shows Drop in Cary Crime As Population Increases

Cary, NC – The most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report data shows crime in Cary has dropped, both in terms of total crimes committed and per capita. Read more

Downtown Cary

New Study Ranks Cary as Safest Town in the Country

Cary, NC – Cary has topped lists of safest towns and cities in North Carolina in the past but a new study finds Cary is not just the safest in the state but the safest municipality in the entire United States. Read more


Study Puts Cary in Top 10 Safest NC Towns

Cary, NC – In a new study, Cary ranks as one of the top 10 safest towns in all of North Carolina, while also standing out as the most populous of the safe towns or cities by far. Read more

Cary Ranks As Top 20 Safe Driving Town as Collisions Increase Nationwide

Cary, NC – As studies show fatal car accidents on the rise nationwide, Cary ranks as one of the safest places to drive in a new study by Allstate, with the average Cary driver getting into a collision fewer than once every 10 years. Read more


New FBI Report Shows Increase in Cary’s Violent Crime, Decrease in Property Crime

Cary, NC – The previous years’ crime data have shown that Cary is one of the safest, if not the safest, towns in the United States. But new FBI data shows an increase in violent crime in Cary in 2016, while property time decreased. Read more

Cary Fire Station

Fire Station No. 9 Relocating to Walnut Street

Cary, NC – For more than 40 years, Fire Station No. 9 has sat on SE Maynard Road, although it wasn’t always called that. But now, a new station with the No. 9 designation is being built, with an information meeting next week for residents to learn more. Read more

Study Names Cary One of State’s Safest Towns

Cary, NC – Cary’s role as a safe place to live is well established to the people who live here. But now, its safety has been settled by a new study that crunches the numbers on crime in North Carolina, putting Cary as one of the safest. Read more

Traffic Light Added To Cary Parkway Intersection

Cary, NC – One of Cary’s busiest intersections, the meeting of West Chatham Street and Cary Parkway is now getting a traffic light to hopefully prevent future accidents. Read more

Making North Carolina Streets Safer for Motorcyclists

Cary, NC – For many native and long time North Carolinians, it may be no surprise that nearly half of the state’s population owns a motorcycle. From locals to tourists, North Carolina’s practically perfect year-round weather and diverse landscapes make it a motorcyclist’s paradise. While an increase of motorcycle tourism can boost the local economy, it also results in greater risks on the road. Although motorcyclists hold a great deal of responsibility in their own safety, there are ways that North Carolinians can help to make the streets safer for motorcyclists.

Read more

Cary Once Again Safest City in America

Cary, NC – Reports keep rolling in about the high standards of living and business opportunities in Cary. But one of the biggest accolades comes from an FBI report which shows Cary is the safest town of its population size. Read more