Cary Fire Station

Fire Station No. 9 Relocating to Walnut Street

Cary, NC – For more than 40 years, Fire Station No. 9 has sat on SE Maynard Road, although it wasn’t always called that. But now, a new station with the No. 9 designation is being built, with an information meeting next week for residents to learn more.

Relocating the Fire Station

The current Fire Station No. 9 was built in 1974 at 875 SE Maynard Road, although it was called Fire Station No. 2 back then.

With such an old building, Cary Assistant Fire Chief for Logistics David Ranes said there have been structural problems in the past eight years.

“We’ve started to look at our response times and that station is having trouble reaching its goals and trouble making it to the outer end of the district,” Ranes said.

Back when the current Fire Station No. 2 was being built at 601 E Chatham Street in 2012, there were plans to relocate Station No. 9 to Walnut Street. In 2013, the town bought land at 1427 Walnut Street where the Agape Korean United Methodist Church was. The church has now been torn down, though Susan Parker, building engineer with the Town of Cary, said this does not mean the new fire station is being built anytime soon.

“People will anticipate this coming sooner than it is,” Parker said.

There will be an information open house on this relocation on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at Fire Station No. 2 and will include details about the new station and renderings of the building.

The site of the future Fire Station No. 9

Details of New Fire Station

With new buildings and roads in place, Ranes said the district is “much different” than it was in 1974, so having a downtown fire station on E Chatham Street and relocating Station No. 9 to this Walnut Street location will help fit in with the current layout.

This station will be a two-story building with three apparatus bays for two firefighter companies. Parker said this has a similar layout, size and floorplan to Fire Station No. 8 on 408 Mills Park Dr.

“But it will have a different façade and a different look,” Parker said.

When the new Fire Station No. 9 is built and fire operations are moved out of the SE Maynard Road station, it will continue to be on Town of Cary land. Ranes and Parker said they are not aware of any current plans for what to do with that land or building.

Meeting Details

Fire Station No. 9 Relocation Public Information Open House

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

4-7 PM

601 E Chatham St., Cary

The current Fire Station No. 9

Story and photos by Michael Papich.