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Cary Players Announce Nominees For 2013 Pietzsch Awards

cary players awardsCary, N.C. – The Cary Players have announced the nominees for the 2013 Pietzsch Awards Ceremony.

More about the Pietzsch Awards

Wilson Pietzsch served on the Cary Players Board of Directors and acted in every production until his untimely death in 2006. The Pietzsch Awards, named in his honor, are designed to recognize individuals who exemplify Wilson’s special blend of dedication, acting ability, volunteerism, and good humor.

With these awards, Cary Players hope to build and maintain a tradition of community theater excellence for which Wilson set the standard.

Cary Players’ Nominees

Outstanding Lead Actress

  • Kirsten Ehlert – The Miracle Worker
  • Debra Grannan – Morning’s At Seven
  • Amber Ivie – A Christmas Story
  • Ashton Layh – The Miracle Worker
  • Sarah Winter – How to Succeed in Business…

Outstanding Supporting Actress

  • Gilly Conklin – Morning’s At Seven
  • Ann Davis – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Sharon Galluzzo – The Miracle Worker
  • Mary Beth Hollmann – Morning’s At Seven
  • Natalie Turgeon – How to Succeed in Business…

 Outstanding Lead Actor

  • Joseph Gaitens – A Christmas Story
  • Bill LaFrankie – A Christmas Story
  • Phil Lewis – Morning’s At Seven
  • Kevin Roberge – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Matt Schedler – A Christmas Story

Outstanding Supporting Actor

  • Bruce Ackerman – Morning’s At Seven
  • Jim Burnette – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Jon Karnofsky – Morning’s At Seven
  • George Lynch – Morning’s At Seven
  • Jaret Preston – How to Succeed in Business

Outstanding Cameo

  • Tracy Fulghum – A Christmas Story
  • Amber Ivie – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Joya Joseph – The Miracle Worker
  • Chris McKittrick – A Christmas Story
  • Joyce Weiser – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Jerry Zieman – How to Succeed in Business…

Outstanding Set

  • Jon Dietz – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Bob Grannan – A Christmas Story
  • Glenn & Tina Vance -The Miracle Worker
  • Brad Sizemore & Todd Houseknecht – Morning’s At Seven

Outstanding Backstage Contribution

  • Todd Houseknecht, Master Carpenter – The Miracle Worker and Morning’s At Seven
  • Natasha Jackson, Stage Manager – Morning’s At Seven
  • Carole Kelly, Props – How to Succeed in Business…
  • Bob Kulow, Sound Design – Morning’s At Seven
  • Michael Lefler, Lighting Design – How to Succeed in Business.., A Christmas Story and Morning’s At Seven
  • Danielle Preston, Costume Design – Morning’s At Seven
  • LeGrande Smith, Costume Design – A Christmas Story
  • Kat Thompson, Hair & Makeup – A Christmas Story and The Miracle Worker

Outstanding Volunteer

  • Pete Bucki
  • Sharon Galluzzo
  • Klaus Hermanns
  • Nora Kelly
  • George Lynch
  • Greg Lytle
  • Laurie Madesian
  • Kat Thompson

Outstanding Director

  • Nancy Rich – How To Succeed in Business…
  • Dan Martschenko – A Christmas Story
  • Tina Vance – The Miracle Worker
  • Tim Wiest – Morning’s At Seven

Outstanding Show

  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  • A Christmas Story
  • The Miracle Worker
  • Morning’s At Seven

Awards Gala

It’s like the Tony’s, but right here in Cary.

Cary Players 2013 Pietzsch Awards
Saturday, August 24, 2013
7:30 PM

Cary Arts Center
101 Dry Av.
Cary, NC

Cost: Free

From Cary Players: “Tickets? No Way! This is a free event put on by Cary Players. Please feel free to join us and celebrate the past season!” For more info, visit:


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Story from staff reports. Photo by Brooke Meyer.