2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt: The Biggest Clue

2013 cary scavenger hunt

Cary, NC – Do you want to know the biggest hint to winning the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt? Read on.

The Biggest Clue

So, you want the biggest clue to the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt? The one that will let you rack up some major points? Here it is:

Pay attention to the sponsors.


We have hinted around about this before. Our sponsors play a BIG role during our event.


Sure, they may have a booth at the event and hand out some samples to our hungry teams. They have all  hung up our posters and handed out fliers. Maybe they even put our event in their email newsletters. But did you know that clues about their businesses are buried within our clue book?

Sponsors are in integral part of the event.  Most clues found in our clue book are about Cary trivia, history, public art, event venues and little known facts. But sponsors are really important. Over 20 clues this year will let you meet Cary-owned businesses. These folks help make Cary unique. Many participate in numerous other community events as some of our town’s chief cheerleaders.

Worth The Most Points

Here’s another hint: Our sponsors are worth a lot of points.

We couldn’t have the event without them, therefore we reward these businesses for their community spirit.

If teams travel to every single sponsor and bring back the clues, we will award them over 5000 points! Maybe next year we will come up with a Sponsor Bonus for the team that does just that!

Do Your Research Now

Look them up, find out where they are located and you may get on jump on winning.

Of course you won’t know what the questions are, but at least you will have an idea where to go.

The questions may require you to take a team photo. Or bring back an item. Or find an answer about these businesses. All to prove you paid them a visit.

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt Sponsors

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of these fine businesses for their support of the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt.

The Town of Cary, our hosting sponsor, without whose help we would not be at the historical and lovely Page-Walker for our event start and finish.

Atlantic Tire and Service, who graciously offered to be our presenting sponsor, and is involved throughout Cary in many community building events.

All of our Platinum sponsors who have stepped up in a big way to help:  Ashworth Drugs , Bright HorizonsChick Fil A of Waverly Place  , Casto Development (Stone Creek & Park West Shopping), Glenaire  and Great Harvest Bread Co, Cary.

Our Gold level sponsors bring variety to our event and include fitness centers, a winery, restaurants schools catering and more:  Carolina Auto Spa , Cary Family Y, Cary Family Eye Care, Cat Clinic of Cary, Chatham Hill Winery, Fid’addle Fitness, Garden Supply, Legacy Academy, The Matthews House, Parkway SleepHealth, Thai Spices & Sushi, Tijuana Flats , Triangle Aquatic Center, Yes! Solar Solutions

And last but surely not least our Silver sponsors , each who have been involved with us in the past: Cary Creative Center, Cornerstone Pediatrics,  CRC- The Disaster Relief Experts, Dorcas Ministries, Triangle Food Tour, Whole Foods of Cary.

As diverse as this group of Cary businesses is, they all have one thing in common: a desire to connect with our wonderful Cary Community. Find out a little about each of them and be prepared to have a great time at the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt! A little homework could make you a winner!


2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday Sept 21, 2013
Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary

  • Check in at 9am, Hunt starts at 9:30am
  • Teams return to be judged at 1:30pm
  • Winners announced around 3pm

Register NOW.

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