voting morrisville

People Voting Twice in Morrisville!

voting morrisville

Morrisville, NC — It’s true, people are voting twice in Morrisville. At least, they should.

Voting Twice in Morrisville

U.S. citizens living in Morrisville must vote on two different days this fall:

  • October 8, 2013 – Wake County Board of Education members and Wake County School Bond
  • November 5, 2013 – Morrisville Municipal Elections

Here’s the thing: residents of Morrisville MUST vote on two occasions to register their choices on the bond issue, Board of Ed elections and candidates for town office.

Vote By Mail

Residents of Morrisville (and everywhere else) could consider voting by mail. More info on voting by mail.

Incidentally, the State of Oregon votes exclusively by mail.

“Oregon elections are conducted by mail. The use of vote-by-mail was first approved on a limited basis by the Legislature in 1981 and was made a permanent feature of some elections in 1987. On November 7, 2000, Oregon became the first all vote-by -mail state after being adopted by nearly 70% of the voters in 1998.” –

In the 2012 General Election, 82.80% of Oregonians voted.

Candidates & Issues in Morrisville

Voters in Morrisville will decide the following slate of candidates:

October 8, 2013

Wake County Board of Education, District 7

  • Zora Felton
  • Deborah Prickett

Wake County Education Bond

  • Yes
  • No

November 5, 2013


  • Jackie Holcombe
  • Narendra Singh
  • Mark Stohlman


  • Pete M. Martin
  • Steve S. Rao

District 2

  • TJ Cawley
  • Vinnie Goel

District 4

  • Rao Bondalapati
  • Margaret E. Broadwell
  • Vicki Scroggins Johnson

Official Voting & Election Links

For official election information, visit:


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