Gardening: Edible Ornamentals to Plant Now

edible ornamentals

A beautiful mixed planter holds a variety of perennial herbs

Cary, NC- The ground is getting cold, the pumpkins have been carved, what can still be planted in the garden now?

Edible Ornamentals to Plant Now

In our temperate climate here in the Piedmont, lettuce, kale, swiss chard and cabbages are some of the edible ornamentals that gardeners can still put in the garden now. Especially in raised beds.

edible ornamentals -  - chard

A quick trip to the garden center reminded me that it is an excellent time to plant your perennial herbs or to divide what you have to share with friends. Excellent to plant now: rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. Wait til Spring for basil and parsley, although you may be lucky and this year’s crop may self-seed.

edible ornamentals - cabbage

Garden to Table

With our mild and wet winters, fall is an excellent time to get edible ornamentals started. The plants have time to establish their root systems before they have to spend a lot of energy on creating leaves and flowers. And with the usual rainfall in January and February, maintenance is relatively easy. Just fertilize, water in and mulch and wait til spring.

This time of year may not seem that exciting because plants are dying down. But think of the sweet surprises your fall efforts will yield come springtime.

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