Bad Daddy's

Bad Daddy’s Opens In Park West

Bad Daddy's

Morrisville, NC — After much anticipation, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has finally arrived in Park West Village, right beside the Stone Theater. CaryCitizen was invited to a pre-opening event over the Thanksgiving weekend, and it was all that we hoped for.

Bad Daddy’s In Park West

The first night of service, the place was hopping and all the wait staff was followed by teams of trainers from other locations to ensure they made no mistakes. With the crowd we saw, that was a good thing, not leaving newbie waiters to disappoint on a big holiday weekend.

The Menu

Just like it sounds, the menu at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is burger-based, but diners are not limited to beef.

Patrons can choose from veggie burgers, turkey burgers, black bean, shrimp and chicken breasts. There are chef creations that include a Pastrami Reuben Burger (Hal had that one), Sam I Am (with fried eggs and pesto- Jill had that one) and Mama Ricotta’s- (my favorite: topped with fresh mozzerella, pesto and tomatoes). All include a choice of sides (loved the sweet potato fries, but you can also pick a generous fruit salad).

There are also various bun selections from the classic to texas toast or even a lettuce wrap.

Bad Daddy's

Have It Your Way

Don’t like their creations? Start with the basic 10 oz  custom beef blend patty at $8.75 and load up your toppings which range from $.25- $3.00 each. Pick your bread and add your side and “Have it Your Way”.

Other Choices

Don’t like Burgers? The menu includes a wide range of salads, and you can also custom build your own. Small salads start at $5.95 and large for $8.95.

The atmosphere is fun with rustic wood and metal wall (can be a tad loud when its crowded. They have a wide range of beers on tap and a full bar. Plenty of TV screens to watch a big game if you’re in the mood.

Dinner For 4, Under $60

We were happy to kick back with the kids, leave the turkey leftovers at home, and dine out for under $60 for the whole family with a few beers thrown in. And unlike the popular “fast casual” dining that has become so popular of late, it was nice to have a waitress. I personally like to sit down, order and be served and have someone come back around and check on me.

Bad Daddy's

We’ll Be Back

The prices were good, the servers were friendly, and the manager was making sure everyone was happy. We’ll be back for dinner and then head over for a movie next door.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
Park West Village Shopping Center
3300 Village Market Place
Morrisville, NC

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  1. TJ Cawley
    TJ Cawley says:

    And next door ON the theater facade they are still having the Magical Winter Lights Show daily starting at 6pm through December 15th. Definitely worth a viewing.

  2. Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell says:

    You just HAD to send this out so it would hit me at lunchtime, didn’t you!? :-)
    Looks and sounds good! Given the number of burger places in Cary and the surrounding area, perhaps the Citizen can see it’s way to create a burger guide? The what’s-what and who’s-who of burgers in our area. I’ll put this one on my list for our next outing – thanks again for the lunchtime review :-)

    • Lindsey Chester
      Lindsey Chester says:

      Robert, what an excellent idea-
      have any suggestions you would like to see us include?
      We have done some separate reviews, but you are right:
      so many choices locally , putting them all in one story or a guide like our “Pizza Guide” is an excellent idea.

      Thanks for reading CaryCitizen!

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