MetLife Signs On to Sponsor Open Data Day


Cary, NC — MetLife has signed on as the Presenting Sponsor of Triangle Open Data Day (TODD), according to the event organizer, Technology Tank LLC in Cary.

MetLife Loves Programmers

MetLife’s presenting sponsorship of TODD clears the way for another successful event. “Their involvement in Triangle Open Data Day will add prestige to the flourishing Open Data movement in the Triangle,” say Ian Henshaw, managing partner of TechTank.

This isn’t MetLife’s first foray into tech in the Triangle. On they day they broke ground for their new headquarters on Weston Parkway in Cary, the insurance giant also held a “tech jam” at RTP to develop innovative solutions to improve the coordination of health care for U.S. military veterans.

What Is Open Data Day?

The days of the PDF and the CD are over. When it comes to government information, open data is the way of the future.

Open data is information in a machine-readable format. This info can be as ordinary as community water-usage or as crucial as crime statistics.

In a machine-readable (open data) format, public information can be readily republished in other formats like mobile apps, mashups with maps and visualizations. Open data holds the promise of greater efficiency and transparency in public information.

Open Data Day brings together programmers, civic employees, students and interested citizens. TODD2014 offers both an education track and a developer track. Learn more about Triangle Open Data Day.

Socrata and RedHat Join the List

TechTank also announced two additional sponsors of TODD2014. They are Socrata, an open data implementation company based in Seattle and RedHat, the technology powerhouse in Raleigh.

Partner: NCSU College of Engineering

Another partner is North Carolina State University. TODD2014 will take place at the College of Engineering Centennial Campus, one of the few places in the Triangle with enough wifi for a conference full of developers.

Tickets Going Fast

As of this publication, 187 tickets had been reserved for TODD, which takes place on the weekend of February 22, 2014. Reserve your spot.