Retail: Rocket Fizz Opens Near Trader Joe’s


Cary, NC — It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the retail openings and closings in Cary. But here’s one that’s different: Rocket Fizz, a soda, candy, gags and gifts shop that reminds me of my Aunt Bertha’s candy store in Jersey City.

Rocket Fizz in Cary

First, the details:

Rocket Fizz officially opened on March 1, according to an employee in the store.  They sell over 400 types of soda (also known as soft drinks or pop in some parts of country) plus 1,200 types of candy and an assortment of gifts and gags.


Rocket Fizz is located in Shoppes of Kildaire, on the Cary Parkway side around the corner from Trader Joe’s.

Rocket Fizz
155 SE Cary Parkway
Cary, North Carolina 27511

According to their Facebook page, hours are Monday-Saturday 10-9 and Sunday 11-7.


Like Aunt Bertha’s Candy Store

My Aunt Bertha had a candy store in Jersey City when I was a kid. I was the luckiest kid in the world to have an aunt who owned a candy store.

So it is at Rocket Fizz. I saw some kids come in with their Mom and their little faces lit up without even putting a piece of candy in their mouths. They ran from place to place in the store, trying to take in the enormity of the sweet offerings.


Gifts and Such

Rocket Fizz also has vintage-type signs and posters, plus humorous gifts.

One fun item: you can get your own label put on bottles of soda pop.


1st in North Carolina

According to their website, Rocket Fizz has about 40 stores, mostly in the west. The company started in Camarillo, California and about half the stores (all independently owned) are in the Golden State.

The Rocket Fizz in Cary is the first location in North Carolina.




Story and photos by Hal Goodtree, a man who enjoys a Black Cherry soda on occasion.