First Day of Spring in Cary


Cary, NC — The sun crossed over the equator today, signaling the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Just like that, the cold, dreary weather in Cary disappeared and the skies presented us with a perfectly balmy Carolina day.

First Day of Spring in Cary

Spring officially began at 12:57 PM today, March 20, 2014. It was the perfect time to drive around and see what the first minutes of Spring 2014 looked like in Cary.

It seemed like, all at once, the Pear trees, those early harbingers of warmer weather, burst into white flowers.


It truly is the week of the Pear blossoms, but other things were in bloom for that first minute of Spring in Cary  – daffodils, tulips and that most fragrant of spring flowers, Hyacinth.


Even the crocuses hung on to greet the first day of Spring this year. In my garden, they’re usually gone by March 1.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Spring 2014 is off to a great start, but it may get colder yet again. Many of us are just hoping for an end to the school snow days.

You can take advantage of warm days in Cary by planting a few hardy annuals and perennials. Lettuce, carrots and radishes in garden beds; pansies and violas in pots for Spring color.

But unless you can predict the weather with more accuracy than the National Weather Service, hold off on tender plants like tomatoes and petunias until after the frost date, approximately April 15 this year in the Piedmont.

Of course, it’s never too early to start grilling and chilling on the back deck.