Atlas Brings Moroccan to Cary

atlas moroccan

Cary, NC — Cary’s list of cosmopolitan restaurant options just got a little bigger with the opening of Atlas, serving Moroccan cuisine on Kildaire Farm Road.

Cary Evolves

Atlas is a new restaurant from the people behind Serendipity, a popular cafe in Downtown Cary. It’s in the spot formerly occupied by Unaabi on Kildaire Farm Road, right in front of the new Carolina Pottery.

Old-timers tell me that a Pizza Hut was the first tenant in the space, before Atlas and Unaabi.

Think about it: just a few years ago, Mayfair plaza was a Kmart with a Pizza Hut out front. Now it’s Caro Pottery with a Moroccan restaurant. Love it or hate it, one must admit Cary continues to evolve.

Atlas Moroccan Restaurant

Morocco is in the northwest corner of Saharan Africa. The food carries flavors from 10,000 years of travelers – Berbers, Spaniards, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs and the French.


You might try maakouda, a Moroccan potato pancake as an appetizer. For an entree, consider Atlas Chicken or merguez, a flavorful North African sausage served as a kebab. Tea is a staple of Moroccan cuisine – you might enjoy the green tea with mint (atai).

For dessert, there’s Briwat, a dense, phylo-like pastry stuffed with sweets such as honey and almonds.

No word on whether or not they cook a tajine, the signature dish of Morocco. I love a good tajine.

More Info About Atlas

Our data mining sleuths could not come up with a website or Facebook page for Atlas. Maybe one is coming soon?

There are a couple of reviews on Yelp. One reviewer order the French fries, so, take it for what it’s worth.

It may just be one of those places you have to walk into.

One thing I do know: the Atlas Mountains are the main geographic feature of Morocco. So, the name is explained.

One other thing: it’s great to see more world cuisine popping up in Cary.

Atlas Moroccan Restaurant
Mayfair Plaza
914 Kildaire Farm Rd
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 234-1982



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