City BBQ Opens Saturday in Cary


Cary, NC — This is a story about barbeque. And like all Southern stories about bbq, it’a complicated.

City BBQ Comes to Cary

This part’s simple: City BBQ is opening Cary on Saturday, April 12.

The new restaurant is at 1305 Kildaire Farm Road near the corner of High Meadow in Shoppes of Kildaire.


Vote for Cary’s Best Homemade Sauce

City BBQ has been running a contest for the best homemade sauce in Cary. Our Unofficial Proofreader, Brent Miller, has been honored as one of 6 finalists. But what could be more complicated than choosing amongst six stellar sauces? Fortunately, a celebrity judging panel will account for 50% of the result, public voting will account for the other 50%.

Abandoning all pretense of impartiality, we urge all our readers to visit City BBQ on Saturday April 12 around 1:00 to vote for Brent’s BBQ sauce.


Been There. Ate That.

We’ve already been to City BBQ with our good friend Ian Henshaw. He’s tapped in to all things barbeque and got us invited to a free preview.


Ian had the brisket. Lindsey had smoked turkey. I had the ribs. All were spectacular.

The cole slaw was crisp and fresh. The Texas Toast was light and buttery. A veritable Longhorn croissant.

Ian finished with the banana pudding. Lindsey had chocolate cake. I inhaled a peach cobbler.

Everyone slept for the rest of the afternoon.

The Many Styles of Barbeque

Barbeque comes in many flavors. Even the word is subject to different regional spellings.

City BBQ offers a nationwide tour of barbeque styles – Memphis ribs, Texas brisket and Carolina Pulled Pork (what we call barbecue hereabouts).

I can only tell you about the ribs. They were sublime. Dry, but meaty, with a perfect bark and pink smoke ring.

At City BBQW, you won’t find things swimming in sauce.


Spread Out and Enjoy Yourself

City BBQ has a nice, rustic-styled room and lots of outdoor seating.

Grab a picnic table, spread out and enjoy yourself.

City Barbeque
1305 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC
Grand opening: Saturday, 4/12/2014

13 replies
  1. Brent
    Brent says:

    The results are in!

    Congratulations to Josh Tatum with his “T8um’s 44” sauce in first place.

    I’m thrilled that Brent’s Buckeye BBQ sauce was awarded runner-up.

    Celebrities choice went to “Confused Southerner” sauce by Seth Palmer.

    It was a gorgeous day with fantastic food (some of it free!) and great company. The City BBQ team really knows their stuff. Can’t wait to go back.

    See @CityBBQRDU Twitter stream for photos and other information.

  2. Matt Miller
    Matt Miller says:

    Weeeeeell…isn’t it nice that Cary Citizen is featuring one of their own employees in this story? I am also a finalist in the competition Saturday. My Name is Matt Miller. I am a Cary NATIVE and lifelong resident. My sauce is appropriate for this part of North Carolina and it ROCKS! Please consider voting for me this Saturday, Caryites!

    • Brent
      Brent says:

      Just for the record, I’m not an employee of CaryCitizen, just a volunteer contributor and fan.

      I wish you and all the finalists the best and I’m looking forward to a great day and the opening of City BBQ! See everyone on Saturday! As they say at the Oscars, it’s an honor to be nominated. :-)

      P.S. Matt and I are not related :-)

      P.P.S. All 5 finalists are now listed at

  3. Brent
    Brent says:

    Thanks for the mention CaryCitizen! I’m honored to be a sauce finalist and would appreciate everyone’s votes.

    It’s an all-day event at City BBQ Saturday. Kicks off at 10:45, then some music, sauce voting starts at 1:00, more music and then celebrity/expert judging at 4:00 , and of course good food all day!

  4. dwight
    dwight says:

    Are they cooking over wood or gas? Very important to know for a BBQ joint.

    Would love to see somewhere close to downtown Cary serve real NC BBQ (which is chopped, not pulled) over wood.

    While I appreciate the BBQ from around the country, it is sad that what used to be a strongly regional food is getting diluted by so many generic “smoked meat” places.

    • Mark Neill
      Mark Neill says:

      Based on the 3 giant smoker boxes on the outside of the building, and the presence of a smoke ring on the ribs, I’m going with wood.

    • Gregory
      Gregory says:

      From the City bbq website:

      “Barbeque, as we define it, is the act of cooking meat slowly at a low temperature. We have a firebox that burns the wood and cooks the meat through an indirect method. This is the best way for our large cuts of meat, especially the pork shoulders and briskets. By doing this, we achieve the most tender flavorful meat possible.”

  5. levitra generico
    levitra generico says:

    Well, that settles it! If both Brent and Ian recommend City BBQ it has to be the next best place to eat on my radar!

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